Bujinkan Budō Taijutsu practice aims to develop the skills to protect ones self and others, through the use of techniques which often focus on the use of body movement and positioning over strength in order to defeat the opponent.

Specifically Bujinkan Budō Taijutsu is mostly known for teaching koshi jutsu (joint manipulation art), koppo jutsu (bone manipulation art), jutai jutsu (throwing, grappling, ground fighting), dakentai jutsu (strikes), happo biken jutsu (various modern and traditional weapons), and ninpo tactics and strategies (Ninjutsu). The depth of training in the Bujinkan, is designed to open the eyes of the student to the endless possibilities and potential in all situations.

The first levels of training such as leaping, tumbling, proper fall techniques, body conditioning form the basis for Bujinkan Budō Taijutsu, these techniques are necessary in order to progress into other techniques such as the use of tools and weapons. Once learned, these techniques can be applied to any situation, armed or unarmed.

Training is based primarily on two partners practicing pre-arranged forms (waza) and then advancing to unlimited variations of those forms ("Henka"). The basic pattern is for the receiver of the technique (uke) to initiate an attack against the person who applies the technique - the 取り tori.


Bujinkan I added a video to a @YouTube playlist https://t.co/sBAY8jdxA0 Bujinkan Kick: 蹴り虚 Keri Kyo Preview
Bujinkan Soke: It’s important with the 太刀 tachi to just touch, and then find the opening in his armor. You want this to happ… https://t.co/NbFoz5g7UV
Bujinkan Soke: Study things that can’t be understood, then you discover the best ideas. That’s why I say to become zero. Peo… https://t.co/Vt7DzAFi0l
Bujinkan Soke: When I talk about street fighting here, we use the word 喧嘩 kenka. But it’s not like a street fight because t… https://t.co/WLRMXtpsDs
Bujinkan I added a video to a @YouTube playlist https://t.co/UIX5toofb3 Bujinkan Kata 玉砕 Tama Kudaki Preview
Bujinkan Soke: In the kukan here is where you learn how to kick. This is where you break the 玉 tama. Like eggs sunny-side up.
Bujinkan I added a video to a @YouTube playlist https://t.co/PpL26TtHfm Bujinkan Bojutsu: 裏裾落 Ura Suso Otoshi
Bujinkan Soke: As you move in, you’re checking his whole body. Holding him. I’m also grabbing flesh on the side of his neck… https://t.co/K9edhDqYGl
Bujinkan I added a video to a @YouTube playlist https://t.co/iBoBARat7x Bujinkan Kata 腕締 Ude Jime Preview
Bujinkan Soke: You can watch this but you can’t understand. You have to make a shugyo to understand it.. Work on it yourself… https://t.co/zVdHrt1bz9
Bujinkan I added a video to a @YouTube playlist https://t.co/wZ84MtUjf3 Bujinkan Kata 唯逆 Yuigyaku Preview
Bujinkan Soke: Use your body within the kukan to control. Just 触てる sawateru, go with a touch here. Not thinking about winnin… https://t.co/OB8nh7Y4T0
Bujinkan Soke: This is like magic. Because magic also uses 虚実 kyojitsu. Magicians are always tricking people. And budo is like being a magician.
Bujinkan I added a video to a @YouTube playlist https://t.co/BsnrfoVc6z Bujinkan Bojutsu: 裾落 Suso Otoshi
Bujinkan Soke: This one finger here is important. This becomes a 支点 or 始点 shiten or one point of control. Remember these many ways of control.