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Bujinkan Soke: Go slowly to stay connected. With his feeling, you have to become almost like a 妖怪 youkai, a ghost or a monster. #bujinkan
Bujinkan Soke: With this feeling, it’s very simple. A feeling is not a form. It’s like a snake watching a frog. #bujinkan
Bujinkan Soke: It’s not form, it’s muto dori movement. In this place where there’s nothing. This nothingness is important. I… https://t.co/e0uN8OXucU
Bujinkan Soke: Lead him in the kukan (空間で嚮導 Kūkan de kyōdō). Study something beyond waza, beyond technique. Then, transcend waza.
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Bujinkan Soke: You have to become one with the 空間 Kūkan. Like Picasso’s painting. All artists understand that empty space is what makes art.
Bujinkan Soke: Float in the kukan. You think you’ve hit me, right? This feeling is the mutōdori way of avoiding. You shouldn… https://t.co/C7w72iYCuZ
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