Bujinkan Soke: I’m teaching nature. This is why I say forget the techniques. If you know technique but you can throw it away… https://t.co/AwjV8hBjyy
Bujinkan Soke: Don’t pull with your hand… Use your body. Don’t use 腕力 wanryoku or physical strength. If people force things… https://t.co/nWTGHmt3mZ
Bujinkan Soke: The attack grabs the chest and the elbow. You cover, but in Shinden Fudō Ryū you leave the other hand totally… https://t.co/uRAtbP3oXu
Bujinkan Soke: Mutōdori against the bo? 指一本 yubi ippon. Just one finger is enough. Let it go. Control.
Bujinkan ICYMI: tour of my Bujinkan video site https://t.co/obmmQVr8Zj
Bujinkan Soke: All of your techniques should have this muto dori feeling. I don’t grab or do it quickly. I just receive it i… https://t.co/gZERBZe6iK
Bujinkan Soke: This way of walking is kind of sophisticated. You’re not trying to attack the opponent here. And you’re not t… https://t.co/kuwAHCoIjY
Bujinkan Soke: Wrap him up in the 空気 kūki. That’s everyone’s study from now on. The whole has to be in the space. Practice that.
Bujinkan Soke: Don’t think of taking or not taking, you have to be able to control. It’s the same as the 真剣白刃捕 shinken shira… https://t.co/yBIqY8yjqV
Bujinkan I added a video to a @YouTube playlist https://t.co/HIlfiGNZ8v Bujinkan 体解 Taihodoki 浮かす Ukasu Preview
Bujinkan I added a video to a @YouTube playlist https://t.co/oxPTIU7oOj Bujinkan 六尺棒術 Rokushakubō Jutsu Kata 虚空 Koku